Our brand new Triton Pro 30mm hybrid is the latest in Pop Paddle Technology. Patented cN CUBIcarbon fibers provide maximum resiliency, control and feel in a comfortable yet powerful frame. The unique 30mm profile provides superior stability on off-center shots. High Tech EVA Soft Memory Coreand Silicon Heart System ensures maximum comfort. SuperGrip Grit Spincoating Surface. Length: Extended (18.5 inches) - Weights: 340-345 grams (Light), 345-350 grams (Standard), 350-355 grams (Pro Plus) Balance: Middle/Head Power: 8.5 Control: 9.5 Stability: 9.5

Triton Pro (30mm Hybrid)

  • Length: Extended (18.5 inches)
    Profile: 30mm
    Weights: 340-345 grams (Light), 345-350 grams (Standard), 350-355 grams (Pro Plus)
    Grip: 4 1/4
    Balance: Middle/Head Power: 8.5 Control: 9.5 Stability: 9.5
    Recommendation: Ideal for Advanced and Competitive players looking for the most solid groundstrokes and more stable frame than a traditional 28mm profile.

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