The Spektro 6.0 Competition Line Professional Beach Tennis Paddle is the upgrade of our successful Spektro line. Light-weight, powerful and extremely maneuverable. Specially braided 100% cN Carbon Frame with 3K Cork Rebound Technology provides ideal power/control ratio. 22mm Profile with 3D Countour SPINcoating face for superior spin and control. New EVA Tech Elastum Memory Foam core provides improved resilience and a larger sweet-spot. This is the ideal ultimate high-tech paddle for players looking for a light-weight yet powerful professional paddle. Weight: 330-335 grams (Standard) Grip: 3 1/4 (Small/Medium) Profile: 22mm Balance: Mid-Head Power: 9.0/10 Control: 9.0/10 Stability: 9.0/10 Maneuverability: 9.0/10 Protective Zip-Cover Included

Spektro 6.0 BT Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

SKU: 0003