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The all-new updated Ripper 4.0 Pop Tennis Paddle is the upgrade of the popular Ripper 3.0 with a wider 36mm profile provides great power, a large sweet-spot and maximum stability. Features: Full 100% cN Carbon Frame for added power and feel. Elastum EVA Pro Core for comfort and maximum shock absorption. SuperGrip Glass Surface and wider holes for increased spin. Available weights: 330 grams (Light), 340 grams (Standard) and 350 grams (Plus). Length: 18.5 Inches (Extended) Grip: 4 1/4 (Small) Balance: Mid-Balance Power: 8.5 Control: 8.5 Stability: 9.0 Maneuverability: 9.0 Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced players who like easy power with an all-round game.


Available on Amazon here

Ripper 4.0 (36 mm Hybrid)

SKU: 0006

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