The All New Dagger has a unique 26mm profile, angular shape and Extended Plus length (19.1 inches) providing maximum reach, power and centered Sweet-Spot in a light-weight and maneuverable frame. Specially braided 100% 3K Carbon and High Density Light EVA Core improves comfort and feel. Tennis players will transition easily to the Dagger with its extended length and controlled feel. Also ideal for players looking for a light-weight, powerful professional paddle with a unique look. 

Dagger POP (26mm Hybrid) Professional Pop Paddle

  • Length: 19.1 Inches (Extended Plus)
    Weight: 335-340 grams (Standard)
    Grip 3 3/8 (Small/Standard)
    Profile: 26mm
    Balance: Mid-Head
    Power: 9/10
    Control: 8.5/10
    Stability: 9/10

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