The new Pacific Black 1.0 D2 Series 28mm hybrid is the upgrade of the classic Pacific Black, the signature paddle of the Doerner Brothers, winners of the last 15 National and US Open tournaments and the paddle of choice of the top players in the game. Patented cN Innegra Carbon fibers provide a larger sweet-spot and maximum stability on a 28mm profile paddle racquet. Our unique Elastum EVA Soft Memory Core provides maximum feel and control. Full 100% cN Innegra Carbon Frame. EVA SOFT Memory Core. SuperGrip Glass Surface. Length: Extended (18.5 inches) - Weight: 330-335 grams (Standard), Balance: Middle/Head Power: 8.0 Control: 9.5 Stability: 9

Pacific Black 1.0 (28mm Hybrid)

  • Length: Extended (18.5 inches)
    Profile: 28mm
    Weights: 330-335 grams (Standard) 
    Grip: 4 1/4
    Balance: Middle/Head Power: 8.0 Control: 9.5 Stability: 9.0
    Recommendation: Ideal for Advanced and Competitive players looking for the latest in paddle racquet technology. The Choice of Champions.

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