The Osaka Pop is new for 2021. This is our high-end Tear-Drop shape frame providing most power and an improved Sweet-Spot on hard to reach shots, with an all-new 32mm profile for ultimate maneuverability and stability without sacrificing control. Full 3K Carbon for Maximum Resiliency Power, Control and Feel.

New 3D SPIN Contour Face for Maximum Spin
Tear-Drop shape face for increased power and control on off-center shots 
Double Tubular Frame Construction for Maximum Resilience
High density (EVA) Memory Core provides touch and feel
Comfort Cushion Grip Capsule System

Recommended for Advanced to Competitive players with a strong Ground-Stroke game. Weights: 340-345 grams (Standard) and 345-350 grams (Plus) Grip: 4 3/8 (Standard) Profile: 38mm Balance: High Mid-Head Power: 9.5/10 Control: 9.0/10 Stability: 9.5/10 Maneuverability: 8.5/10 Note: Zip-Cover Included

Osaka Pop (32mm Profile)

  • Weights: 340-345 grams (Standard) and 345-350 grams (Plus)
    Profile: 32 mm
    Length: 18.5 Inches (Extended)
    Grip: 4 3/8 - Balance: Center-Head
    Power: 9.0 Control: 9.0 Stability: 9.0 Maneuverability: 8.5
    Recommendation: Intermediate and Advanced Players with a strong ground-stroke game who prefer a slightly top-weighted paddle.