The All New Kibo 1.0 (EAN 8435393571486) is the upgrade of the popular Kibo. New and improved long-lasting resiliency with great power, comfort and control. The Kibo 1.0 is an ideal recreational paddle for players just getting into the game. Large Sweet-Spot allows for forgiving hits, great shock absorption and easy power.

Features: Full Fiber Braided face for superior control and feel
Ideal Recreational 38mm Paddle with Great Vibration Dampening Features
Small grip - 4 3/8"

Weights: 360 grams (Standard) and 370 grams (Plus) for larger Sweet-Spot and more Power
Round Face for comfortable center sweet spot and highest maneuverability
Light High Density (EVA) Memory Core

Kibo 1.0 (38mm Profile)

  • Profile: 38mm for Large Sweet-Spot and Easy Power
    Length: 18 Inches
    Weight: 360 grams (Standard), 370 grams (Plus)
    Grip: 4 3/8 - Balance: Middle
    Power: 7.5 Control: 8 Stability: 8 Recommendation: All around Beginner to Intermediate recreational player who likes a powerful and comfortable 38mm paddle with a great vibration dampening.

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