The Kusoa Men's Performance Court Shoe features Lo-Abrasion Rubber sole with specialized All-Court tread pattern increases take-off speed and traction on both indoor and outdoor courts. Ultra-Flexible, soft Double-Density mid-sole and breathable Hi-Resistance Mesh fabric lining deliver day-long comfort on long tournament days. And our patented TPU back sole heel stabilizer provides security and confidence on quick shuffle-step lateral movement. Removable Hi-Poly insole. Note: Color is Gray

Note: Due to European Design and Sizing US Sizing skips half a size from 10 1/2 to 11 1/2. If you wear Size 11 but sometimes wear 11 1/2 we recommend ordering 11 1/2 (EU 46). If you are Size 11 but sometimes wear 10 1/2 we recommend ordering 10 1/2-11 (EU 45)


We recycle boxes. When you order let us know if you'd like us to include the box or you'd like us to recycle it for you.

Kusoa Men's Performance Shoe (Gray)

  • Color: Gray

    *Half Sole Phylon construction for maximum shock absorption
    *Injected Upper for durability and flexibility in toe area
    *Drop Lite Kevlar fabric for ultimate breathability and lightness
    *Clay Rubber Sole for maximum take off speed and ultimate durability
    *Stabilizer Injected Upper and Stabilizer Heel provides security and confidence with lateral movement

    Weight: Size 10 - 330 grams (11.6 oz.)