2019 Top of the Line Professional Beach Tennis Paddle. Our upgrade of the original Versus BT features improved resilience, power and shock absorption properties. Exclusive Curv technology laminate with cN Carbon frame for maximum elasticity. The all new Versus BT 2.0 provides Maximum Control/Power Ratio, feel and comfort. SUPERGrip Glass Surface provides superior Grit and Spin. Unique Silicon Absorption Throat Cellules keep vibrations to a minimum. Our newest top-of-the-line light-weight paddle is recommended for advanced and competition players.

Power: 9.5/10, Control: 9.5/10, Stability: 9.5/10

Versus BT 2.0 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle (Competition Line)

  • Length: Competition 50 cms (19.75 Inches)
    Grip: 3 3/8 (Standard)
    Weight: 335 grams (Light)
    Profile: 22mm
    Balance: Mid-Head
    Power: 9.5/10
    Control: 9.5/10
    Stability: 9.5/10
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