The Allegra Professional Padel and Pop Tennis Paddle is our new entry in the competition line. A solid and comfortable performer at an affordable price and at a light standard 350 grams weight
Features: Full CURV + Carbon 3000 Tech for Maximum Elasticity, Power, Control and Resilience

Brand New 3D SpinFace Technology for Ultimate Ball Grip and Spin 
Diamond Face Design for higher sweet spot and power on off-center shots
Twin Shaft Parallel Construction for Maximum Shock Absorption
Comfort Cushion Grip Capsule System
High Density (EVA Pro) Memory Core

Recommended for Advanced and Competition players. Weight: 375-380 grams (Plus) grams (Standard) Grip: 4 3/8 (Standard) Profile: 38mm Balance: Mid-Head Power: 9.0/10 Control: 8.5/10 Stability: 8.5/10 Maneuverability: 8.5/10 Note: Protective Zip-Cover Included

Allegra (38mm Pro Line)