1. I'm a pickleball player and I want to try Pop Tennis.
2. Can I play Pop Tennis on a tennis court?
3. What are the paddle tennis paddles made of?
4. What's the difference between the Drop Shot paddles and other brands?
5. Why don't 38mm paddles have grit so I can put more spin on the ball?
6. Don't I want the lightest paddle possible?
7. Do the paddles have a warranty?
8. Can I return a paddle I bought from an International Shipper?
9. I have a platform tennis paddle. Can I use it for Pop Tennis?


I'm a Pickleball player and I want to try Pop Tennis.
Great! If you like Pickleball you will love Pop Tennis. Yes, you can play Pop Tennis on a Pickleball court. The dimensions of the courts are the same except for the Pop Tennis court being just a touch longer. If you have some chalk or tape make a line 3 feet from the base line on both ends. Presto. The Pop Tennis net is 2 inches lower but if you can't lower your Pickleball net, not a problem. You'll still have a blast. Concerned about the balls? For Pop Tennis we use a tennis ball with the air taken out with a hypodermic needle or a Green Dot tennis ball. Also orange and yellow (kids') tennis balls work great. We're more than happy to throw in a few balls with your order. Any questions, call us at 707-722-5389 or email us here. More than happy to get you started.


Can I play Pop Tennis on a Tennis court?
Absolutely. With some tape or chalk you can set up Pop Tennis lines no problem. 1) Pop baseline is 9 feet behind the tennis service line. 2) Pop side lines are 3 feet inside the Tennis single lines. And if you have access to a Quickstart 60 ft. court then you don't even need tape. And don't worry about the net height. Check out this video of us playing at the Riviera Country Club. https://youtu.be/nn5wOg5WO60. Have fun!


What are the paddle tennis racquets made of?

Every model has its own components ranging from SS Fiberglass to 3K Carbon Braiding and Titanium. Core material is usually a new material called EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) - also known as high memory foam.  Its applications range from the biomedical engineering industry to the World Cup soccer ball. Qualities include -  High barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive water proof properties, and resistance to UV radiation.


What's the difference between the Drop Shot racquets and other brands?


Drop Shot has been making racquets for 30 years and specializes in the manufacture of high-end racquets. Drop Shot is the only manufacturer with Titanium racquets making them ultra resilient and crack resistant. In addition Drop Shot has over a dozen models that differ in shape, weight balance, sweet spot placement and maneuverability to suit your style of play. Other brands may have 4 or 5 models but are basically the same racquet with different weights. Also important to check materials of other brands. Although some racquets may feel great at first, a lower quality core will lose resilience and start to crack - meaning less power, absorption and control. If you want a racquet with consistent play for more than just a few months choose a racquet made with the latest technology and highest quality materials.


Why don't 38mm racquets have grit so I can put more spin on the ball?


Although grit can be very helpful in providing spin in stiffer racquets (i.e. platform paddles) and hybrid 28mm racquets it is ineffective and detrimental to the feel of these racquets. Because of the give of these racquets, the ball stays in the face of the racquet longer than the stiffer racquets. The extra time the ball stays allows the sharp hole edges to "grip" the felt of the ball providing all the spin you need. Some players have experimented with putting velcro adhesive or sprayed grit on the face of the racquets but the additional spin result is probably more psychological than factual. On top of that, feel and control is lost. It's like putting on a glove and trying to play the piano.


Don't I want the lightest racquet possible?

Not necessarily. Although a light racquet will definitely be more maneuverable it does not mean it's the best paddle for you. As a general rule you should play with the heaviest paddle that feels comfortable. The heavier the paddle - the more control, the more power and the more stable your paddle will be. It's simple physics. If a ball is coming towards you with a great deal of power, the paddle with the greatest momentum will be able to handle the ball better - a lighter paddle will shake more on off center shots and transfer more vibrations. A heavier paddle will be more forgiving on off-center shots and transfer the greatest power to an incoming ball. A light paddle may feel great at first, but if you play against hard-hitting players a heavier paddle will give you the edge you need.
Do the racquets have a warranty?

Yes. Racquets have a 4 month warranty (from date of purchase) against any face breakage or cracking. There is no warranty against paint chipping, scratching or scraping on edges or rim of racquet. Warranty does not cover cracks or breakage due to wearing on rim or edge of racquet caused by scraping or other rubbing or hitting on hard surface. Warranty is also voided if racquet is painted over or altered in any way including adhering any surface on face (i.e. sandpaper or velcro.) Racquets will last a long time with proper care. Please protect the rim of your racquet with tape.



Can I return a racquet I bought from an International Shipper?

Beware International Shippers. They are not associated with Drop Shot Sports. We have received complaints from buyers that the products they received were not requested weights or exact models. In addition warranty was not honored. We recommend you purchase from official USA Distributors for full satisfaction and warranty coverage.


Can I use a platform tennis paddle to play Pop Tennis?

Although platform paddles are legal in Pop Tennis, they're made for platform tennis, basically a different sport. Platform paddles are 18 inches in length, the thickness (profile) is 22mm and the construction is made specifically for the platform ball which can get almost as hard as a lacrosse ball when it's cold and wet.
Drop Shot Pop Tennis racquets are made specifically for Pop Tennis and are available in a variety of lengths, styles, profiles and shapes. The lengths vary between 18, 18.5, 18.75 and 19 inches. The profiles also vary between the hybrids (28mm, 34mm and 36mm) all the way to 38mm.  
The difference in the way the racquets feel compared to a platform paddle is similar to the difference between driving a $15K car and a $40K car. Our racquets are made for hitting a felt covered ball not a hard felt-less ball. What you'll notice immediately when first trying a Drop Shot Pop Tennis racquet is the increased power, the larger sweet-spot, increased forgiveness on off-center shots and maximum vibration dampening and comfort. Our racquets are much easier on the arm making playability much more enjoyable. Not only are they better racquets for our sport, they are much more fun to play with. Sure you can play Pop with a platform paddle but why not treat yourself to a weapon that's specifically designed for the sport?

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